Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lincoln Woodard Part 2

The reason that i had to tell you everything in part 1 is because I made two promises to Lincoln that day. I promised him that my first born son would have his name. I also promised Lincoln that i would tell my children about him everyday. I have not broken those promises to this day.

I look at my son each day and think of Lincoln. Elijah is such a special boy in my family's life. To me he is the reminder that even if there is death there is always new life. Elijah brings so much joy to me just like Lincoln did.

I wish that Lincoln could have known Elijah here on earth, but i know that Lincoln was up there telling Elijah all about our family and was playing with him.

I felt that i needed to keep Elijah's middle name between Nathan and I just till Elijah was born. I can't explain why, but i knew it was the right thing to do.

I am sorry that these posts took so long to make it to my blog, but it was really hard for me to write about that day. I know that it is going to be really really hard for my family to read but i had to tell everyone why i named my son Elijah Lincoln Davis.


Kira Joy said...

Lincoln sounds like he was an incredible man.

Katrine said...

Elijah Lincoln is a great name!

Nancy1 said...

I just found this today----the first anniversary of Lincoln's death. I can't imagine what the conversation went like when you promised Lincoln you would name your first son after him. Was he serious because he was sick, or was he just trying to get a rise out of you-----in his own funny way. No matter what----it is a beautiful way to honor such a truly giving man-----and my own baby boy.