Sunday, May 11, 2008


Well yesterday we celebrated mother's day with elsa and the family. Then i decided that it was time to go since i was starting to not feel good. So i gave amelia a ride to a friend's house and went home to have a nap with Elijah.

Well in the middle of my nap i had a very unexpected visitor and its name is the stomach flu. Well i just did that business once and i felt better so i thought that it was just something that i ate that had gone wrong for my body.

Well i was fine this morning until i heard elijah start crying and i knew that he was not feeling well and i was confirmed on that one as nathan was feeding elijah. Everything that elijah ate came right back up. Needless to say nathan needed a quick shower because he had to go to work in about 20 minutes from then. And nathan was wearing his one and only work shirt when this happened so he had to call into work and ask if they had one he could borrow for the day.

Well i ate something because i was feeling up to it and about 20 minutes later i was wishing that i had eaten nothing. And elijah keeps wanting to eat and then he realizes why he is hungry right after that. So we are pretty much both staring at eachother and wishing life was fair. Life is fair as long as you don't have the stomach flu.


Katrine said...

I hope you feel better soon. Happy first Mother's Day!

Kira Joy said...

What a tragic first mothers day! I hope next year it comes and goes without the sickness.