Thursday, August 30, 2007

My first Doctor's appointment

So today was my first doctor's appointment. IT SUCKED!!!!!! They drew blood and opened my vagina up and looked at my insides, and to think i only met this person about 5 minutes prior to this. So to say the least it was DISTURBING. I was not to happy about. Then they told me i had to pee in a cup and of course i had forgotten about this and had peed before i came so i didn't need to go. So it took me about four times to finally have an amount that they may be able to work with, but of course they will call me and say that they need more pee out my bladder.

Yeah so i don't think i am looking forward to my next visit which is an ultrasound. On this joyous occasion i have to drink about 40 oz. of water in less than 2 hours, and i can't drink anytime before the hour i go in. I am totally confused, and i am sure you are too.

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