Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My First Ultrasound

So as you can guess my first ultrasound was today. I didn't think it was that fun until I saw the baby. Can i just tell you that it is not fun for someone to have to really go pee pee and have someone put pressure on your bladder area to fish around for a visual of what is going on inside of you. But it was for this picture...

Ok, so as my sister Amelia puts it, it is chubby. She also says that it is an ALIEN. Ok, but that is my cute chubby alien.

All that baby wanted to do was move around so that the radiologist couldn't find it. He would sit still for a little while then move around and she would have to search again to get the image. Finally when i saw it I was just shocked. This little being is growing inside of me! But it was funny because once the radiologist turned the screen so that we could see it, the little one stopped moving and just kept kicking and moving its little head.

I think my cute chubby alien will definitely be entertained by my family.

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Kira Joy said...

You used the word "he" in reference to the baby...does that mean you think it is a boy?