Friday, December 21, 2007

My birthing dreams

So on a happier note I am officially due in 12 weeks. If you do not already know it is going to be a boy. His name is going to be Elijah Davis. His middle name is for me to know and you all to find out once he is born. I know it is probably mean of me, but I have to keep a little to myself until 12 weeks from now, or whenever he decides it is time to come out of me.

So last night or the night before that I had a birthing dream. And this is the funniest one yet, so to start the dream:

I was having minor contractions so I called my mom. She told me she would be there in five minutes. Which is kind of strange since she lives about 5 hours away. Anyways she brought Rennen and Dennis with her. Right as she got there my water broke so we rushed to the hospital and when we got there Jason, Giancarlo and the whole gang was there.

I got all checked in and what not and the nurse says to me, well since you are only 4 centimeters dialated, you can go down the hall to our dance class. Well my husband was the one that drug me to the class and it so happens that in that class there was his brother Aaron, our friends Cheryl, Sean, and Stephen, and they were teaching the class. Well after going in the room we decided to go back to my room.

When we got back pumpkin and patches were there. They were in there bed waiting for us and of course if you know these dogs they were jumping all over Nathan and I to greet us. Well my my mom also has a dog and her name is Gracie. I asked my mom where Gracie was and for some reason she left her in the car.

So then I guess it was time to check to see how dialated I was at that point and by this time I was 8 centimeters dialated and 100% effaced (I think that is the word, but probably not.) So they got me all ready for the birthing process and so everyone, but Nathan, Claire (my mom), Amelia, Dennis, Giancarlo, and Jason were taken out of the room.

And if you have heard my other dreams of what happens when he is born you know that for some reason Dennis was drinking his beer, Giancarlo is passed out on the ground, Jason is writing a blog, and Nathan is not sure what to do, Claire is telling me to push, and Amelia was just standing there with her mouth wide open.

Well Nathan doesn't want to cut the cord, so he hands the scissors to Amelia and she cuts the cord.

This all happened in this dream too. And that is the end for now. Who knows what will happen in my next birthing dream.

Ok, don't ask me why I am having these weird dreams because I have no idea. Everyone is just a little different, but this past dream I think is the strangest of them all. I really have no idea where it came from.


Laura said...

the closer it gets i am sure the more odd your dreams will be. Best of luck to you in these next 12 weeks, they will pass by very quickly

Kira Joy said...

I think I would die if there were dogs in the same room that I was delivering in!