Friday, September 21, 2007

My Ant Problem

So my husband is a typical guy. No matter what I say I am usually wrong. And he wants to fix everything. Such as our ant problem. So it is story time.

We moved into our apartment and we were thinking that it was all fine and dandy. Then we had a paper bag with a piece of paper in it until we bought a trash can. Well then we found out that we have an ant problem. Now can i just tell you that i didn't think that ants liked paper, but i guess they do because that was the only thing that was edible in the whole house at that point in time.

Well we have tried to fix the problem ourselves, but the ants keep finding ways in. They are the sneakiest little things that i have ever seen.

It is actually getting really annoying and I am about to scream my head off because at this very moment in time my husband is foaming up yet another crack in the wall.



hilary said...
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Kira Joy said...

YIKES...I hate ants...good luck!!!